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  Image 111.png Huel

Huel is a meal replacement brand, which provides nutritional food products worldwide. The name Huel is a portmanteau of "human fuel." The base product, Huel Powder, is intended to provide all of the body's nutritional needs if switching to a diet entirely based on the product.


Since its inception in 2014, the company has seen fast growth in Europe and the US. In September 2018, Huel wanted to expand into China, as it aims to take advantage of Chinese consumers’ demand for imported foods.

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·Unlocking a new market

·Increasing awareness, consideration and sales



China e-commerce growth solution.


When first launched in China, the UK-based meal alternative company was not well known to Chinese consumers and it was fulfilling its order through a dedicated website Huel.cn.


To help Huel reach Chinese consumers, we developed a custom e-commerce solution that combines reach, targeting and context. The work includes strategy, media planning & buying, influencer marketing, and e-commerce store operation.

Press Coverage and SEO


For brand awareness and education, we focus on help Huel secure press coverage on top Chinese media outlets and optimize for the local search giant Baidu. 

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Media Planning & Buying


On top local media platforms – Baidu, Tencent and Weibo.


Influencer Marketing


Campaign launched on Weibo.

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Offline Event and Community Management


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E-Commerce Marketplace Operation


When it comes online shopping, Chinese consumer rarely buys overseas products from a standalone website. They prefer third-party e-commerce marketplaces. We help Huel run the official store on JD.com, one of the biggest e-commerce marketplaces in China and leverage the platform to get in front of as many consumers as possible and to capture transactions.

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Over 200 Media Coverage on Top-tier Media.

5X Increase in Official Store Page Visit Compared to Standalone Website.


Our work with Huel is ongoing. We continue to help Huel achieve success in China.